What Is a Legal Secretary?

Any legal team would be incomplete without a Legal Secretary. Explore this page to discover more about Legal Secretaries, including their job responsibilities, qualifications required to become a Legal Secretary, and much more.

What Is a Legal Secretary?

Legal Secretaries are crucial members of the legal profession that help keep legal departments working effectively. They assist Lawyers and handle critical administrative tasks. A Legal Secretary must be familiar with the law, legal terminologies, documentation, and procedures.

As there are several areas of law and practice, such as family, conveyancing, probate, litigation, and criminal law, the tasks they perform differ substantially. In addition to law firms, Legal Secretaries can practice in multiple legal environments.

What Tasks do Legal Secretaries Perform?

Legal Secretaries are responsible for many essential tasks, such as creating legal documents, filling up legal forms, drafting professional correspondence from dictation, and interacting with clients. They can relieve Attorneys of time-consuming projects ranging from filing and photocopying to more advanced tasks like scheduling meetings and conducting legal research.

Their everyday chores and responsibilities might change based on the legal area they work in and the cases they handle. For example, attending court might be an interesting aspect of working in a legal department. When you work as a Legal Secretary, you’ll be exposed to various legal processes and gain expertise in different fields.

Legal Secretaries are usually the first people you’ll meet while approaching a law firm. It indicates they should be well-informed and capable of dealing with any situation. Attorneys depend on their secretaries to ensure that their clients are properly served. Legal Secretaries are responsible for recording and relaying precise information. Therefore, they must be able to communicate effectively and have a thorough understanding of the requirements of every client.

What Skills/Qualifications a Legal Secretary Should Have?

A good Legal Secretary should have:

  • Knowledge of the law and legal processes
  • Administrative skills or/and experience
  • Understanding of office practises
  • Skills to create legal documents, forms, and professional letters
  • Quick and precise typing speed
  • Skills in audio typing
  • Computer literacy, along with the working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Organisation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Good command of the English language, both spoken and written
  • Ability to pay attention to details

If you wish to take a professional course, you can enrol in a Legal Secretaries Diploma programme from a reputed institution. It will help you learn about necessary legal and practical skills as well as reward you with a recognised certificate.

Career Progression

Legal Secretaries have a lot of opportunities for progress in their careers. The more experience you have, the more can be your salary. With education or experience, you can even move ahead to be a Legal Executive or Paralegal. You may even get in touch with a reliable institution for more information.

Where Do Legal Secretaries Work?

The expertise and services of talented Legal Secretaries are not limited to law firms and chambers of barristers. They have many options in terms of selecting a suitable workplace.

You can come across a Legal Secretary in many places, including:

  • Law firms
  • Law courts
  • Barristers’ chambers
  • Banks
  • Estate agents
  • Local authorities
  • Licensed conveyancers
  • Legal divisions in large companies and organisations

Legal Secretaries can also work as self-employed and run their Legal VA firms.


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